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the worlds finest certified organic cotton bedding and bath

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Anna Sova Healthy Paint, Texture and Stucco

We produce our paint with up to 90% food ingredients! The healthiest ingredients you can buy! Milk casein (as in yogurt), titanium dioxide (as in powdered donuts), food grade emulsifiers and preservatives (as in milkshakes and chocolates). Isn't breathing it the same as eating it? Just consider a gallon of our healthy paint as twelve pounds of vanilla truffles, and it's a bargain!

This is not a petrochemical, poly vinyl acrylic plastic stretched across the wall! Our healthy paint does not contain dozens of the toxic ingredients necessary for what the paint industry calls "paint". Anna Sova paint does not contain any crystalline silica, ethylene glycol, toluene, mutagens vinyl acrylics or acrylic copolymers or any ingredients known to cause cancer or birth defects commonly used in standard latex wall paints or not allowed in California's Proposition 65.

Exotic Color Collections - Experience cultural color authenticity through our exclusive Anna Sova paint palettes. Click below.

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