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eco luxury textiles

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anna sova produces the worlds most luxurious certified organic cotton towel, our 900 gsm spa towels are also made with fair trade labor. these thick fluffy towels are frettless for a clean modern look.

essential oil aromatherapy and unscented bath soap lotion, salts, spray and diffusers. this product is gluten free, dairy free and wheat free. this product has not been challenged tested or animal tested.

eco luxury drapery lined with certified organic cotton. made of eco silk, cotton theatre velvet, alpaca, cotton jacquard, eco silk satin jacquard

natural alpaca, unbleached and undyed, sourced from indigenous Peruvian highland co-ops at 14,000 ft. who have raised alpaca sustainably for over 8,000 years. light weight, yet alpaca has 7 times the warmth per pound of wool.

Belgian waffle weave hand towels. 100% certified organic cotton guests hand towels made with fair trade labor. monogramming available.

home spa luxury terry velour spa robe. thick, plush texture; warm and inviting. personalize it with monogramming.

certified organic cotton bed blankets and silk quilts stuffed with organic cotton.

luxurious theatre velvet 900 gsm custom made for us from certified organic cotton. excellent for home theatre drapery, bedcovers, throw pillows, upholstery. may be machine pre-washed before fitting for a "wrinkled velvet" effect or eco-dry cleaned.

100% certified organic cotton bath towels. pure luxury and eco responsibility and average both towels are 300 to 400 gsm lightweights next to our plush, decadent 700 gsm bath towels.

our individual fingertip towels are more sanitary than hand towels. machine washable, fold while damp for a crisp edge.

100% eco silk dupioni bedding. a luxurious, lightweight fabric with a crisp feel, smooth texture and a wonderful luster.

our decadent silk satin jacquard is a smooth elegant fabric with a delicately woven paisley design. we use high quality, eco-safe, azo-free dyes and natural sizing with no formaldehyde.

"Purity Compassion Grace". traditional British Tea Towel. made of certified organic cotton and fair trade labor. this heavy cotton twill is soft, absorbent and meant to last generations.

anna sova certified organic cotton kitchen towels have a soft, absorbent waffle weave that makes cleaning kitchens. fair trade labor certified. our kitchen towels make great eco gifts. eliminate paper towels. monogramming available.

600 thread count, made in Italy with the finest quality, old word finishing. the very best in European linens, now available in certified organic cotton. produced within our chain of responsibility. no toxic fertilizers or petrochemical pesticides. made with fair labor practices.

Belgin and Irish linen. unique border design makes this a truely must have accent to any bedroom.

eco fabric by the yard and sewing prouects. silks, velvets, cottons, linen, alpaca, ikats.

throw pillows

325 thread count in 100% organic cotton bedding. pure and pretty. 100% GATT certified organic cotton from the soil to the fine quality finish.

our textiles do not use dioxin bleaches or optical whiteners. our bleaching is done with solutions that are made non toxic and PH neutral before being released back into the eco system.


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