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Beeswax & Pure Essential Oils Votive Candles

Pure Beeswax Candles.
Pure unfiltered beeswax candles from a local bee co-op. 

Made with 100% essential oils infive aromatic scents. 
Courage - uplifting, spicy orange,cinnamon leaf and cloves, a great party candle
Purification - clear, masculine, made with litsea cubeba and cedarwood
Jaipur - Lemon grass, ginger and thyme essential oil
Serenity - calming, relaxing, made from bulgarian lavender, valerian and chamomile
Hafiz - named after the sufi poet of physical and spiritual love, made from cedarwood, cinnamon leaf, ginger and  litsea cubeba
Hope - vanilla, patchouli and sandlewood

anna sova ultimate beeswax candle: 
  • 100% raw unfiltered beeswax 
  • biodegradeable 
  • emits negative ions which have been shown to clean the air and increase immune system strength (  
  • help to support the American bee industry, pollination and biodiversity in plants. 
  • help to support the bee industry recover from CCD (colony collapse disorder). 
  • anna sova uses only untreated cotton wicks 
  • anna sova does not use plastic tealight cups, only pure aluminum cups which are easily recycled.
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Beeswax & Pure Essential Oils Votive Candles
Single Votive (In Stock)
Reg: $16.00

Beeswax & Pure Essential Oils Votive Candles
12 Votives (In Stock)
Reg: $192.00

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