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the world's finest quality certified organic cotton linens

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Call us if you have questions about your order or any of our products:

Phone: 214-742-7682

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100% Guarantee and FAQs

100% Guarantee

We want you to be completely satisfied with every purchase you make. If you are in any way dissatisfied with a product you ordered, we'll exchange it, replace it or refund your money within 10 days of receipt.

Shipping Information
Anna Sova Luxury Organics manufactures all items to order request, we do not carry stock.

UPS Ground Shipping Rules
FROM: $0 TO $ 0.99  $0 
FROM: $1 TO $ 199.99  $45 
FROM: $200 TO $ 399.99  $60 
FROM: $400 TO $ 599.99  $75 
FROM: $600 AND OVER   15%
UPS Ground Shipping Rules
FROM: $0 TO $ 0.99  $0 
FROM: $1 TO $ 100  $9 
FROM: $100.01 TO $ 200  $18 
FROM: $200.01 TO $ 300  $27 
FROM: $300.01 TO $ 400  $36 
FROM: $400.01 AND OVER   10%


Return Policy
Anna Sova Luxury Organics takes great pride in the quality of their products. If for any reason you are not happy with your purchase made directly with us, you may return the item(s) following the Terms and Conditions.

  • Please verify your order is correct. Common Mistakes; Color Selection & Product Quantity. Did you remember everything?


  • After 24 hours any changes / cancelations / returns will incur a 25% restocking fee.

  • You may exhange your product within 10 days of receipt of product.

  • Custom length rods or sale product may not be exchanged or returned.

  • Anna Sova must issue an approved RTV number for exchanges, and etc. or your return will be refused.

Is my information safe on your site?
Here at Anna Sova, we recognize that many visitors to our site are concerned about the information they provide to us, and how we treat that information. So we've developed a Privacy Policy to address those concerns.

If at any time you encounter a security message during your visit it is due to the user browser you are using operating with higher security settings. Our website is both safe and secure. In addition to using the highest standrd in encrypted transmissions, Anna Sova Luxury Organics does not store any credit information on our database.

We may update this policy from time to time, so please check in occasionally.

How do I cancel my order?
To ensure that an order is not cancelled by accident, the Anna Sova Luxury Organics website is designed so that once an order is placed and confirmed it can not be cancelled by the customer. If you desire to cancel an order please notify Customer Service at as soon as possible.

How do I alter/make a change to my order?
Orders already placed cannot be altered afterward. Due to the secure third-party website we use for purchasing we cannot charge additional items or fees to an already placed order or previously used credit card. As well, sequential processing does not allow for later needed items or forgotten merchandise to be added to an order once it is placed.

If you wish to cancel the order placed and submit the correct one please email Customer Service at as soon as possible so that we can assist you.

What methods of payment do you allow online?
Anna Sova Luxury Organics accepts payment by credit cards only in conjunction with a highly secure merchant we use for processing. CODs, checks and money orders are not viable payment methods.

Can I place my order online only?
All orders placed with Anna Sova Luxury Organics are done so via internet or fax. To better protect our customers and ensure all order requests are filled correctly, we do not accept orders over the phone. Our fax number is 214-653-1776.

Promotional Offer Information: Special offers
Special offers that supply temporary discounts to certain types of accounts, free shipping on orders equaling a certain dollar amount, and any/all other viable or pertinent offers are subject to deadlines & expiration dates, account type requirements, and minimum order amounts if/when criteria apply without exception. Accounts found to be using promotions erroneously will have their current order utilizing the promotion incorrectly canceled & all pertinent and possible charges applied credited back. Please inquire directly regarding details and qualifications of current possible promotions.

I'm in the Dallas area, can I pick up my internet order or return my internet order to the showroom?
The Anna Sova Luxury Organics's Showroom operates as a separate, independent retail store. They are unable to and do not accept returning items purchased through the manufacturer, Anna Sova Luxury Organics Inc. via the internet. For instructions on how to return your internet purchase, please visit our Return Policy FAQ.

As well The Anna Sova Luxury Organics's Showroom does not hold orders purchased through the manufacturer, Anna Sova Luxury Organics Inc. via the internet. All orders placed online are produced in our facility and shipped to the customer from our shipping department. If you are in or live in the Dallas area and desire to purchase from The Anna Sova Luxury Organics's Showroom always feel free to visit.

Do you package your products in an evironmenatlly responsible way?
YES ! We are very aware of our responsibility to the planet. Therefore...

  • We use minimal packaging out of only recycled materials.
  • The bubble wrap we use to protect the delicate details of our product is made from 100% recycled plastic and is 100% recyclable.
  • Our products are encased in 100% recycled plastic that are 100% recyclable.
  • Our shipping tubes, which protect our rods, are 90% post-consumer waste material and are themselves 100% recyclable.
  • Our boxes are corrugated with an average of 59% recycled fiber content, of which 44% is post consumer waste and are 100% recyclable.
  • 80% of our paper is recycled with various blends of post-industrial and post-consumer recycled material.
  • Our paper labels use 30% post-consumer waste recycled fiber.
  • We use InstapakŪ, which does not pollute air or ground water and is produced with absolutely no CFCs or HCFC's, to mold to our products and protect against the stresses of shipping. InstapakŪ uses minimal material that generates less waste as it can compact to 10% of its original size in a landfill. It can be recycled in waste-to-energy facilities or at InstapakŪ return locations worldwide.

Can you give me the name of some retail stores that carry your products in my area?
Our website contains a store locator page that can help you quickly find a store in your area. We are adding new locations all of the time so be sure to check back from time to time for new locations in your area.

If you are unable to find a store in your area, you can purchase items safely & securely on this site.

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