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Designer Gallery Application

To become a part of our designer showroom, please complete the form below. You may upload up to 6 photos from your collection for inclusion to our gallery. Please note that you still retain full rights to any photo that you send to us, and you may use it in any way you would like. However, if for any image you have sent to us, you transfer exclusive rights to any other person or organization, please notify us right away and we will remove that photo from our gallery. If you do not own the copyright to an image, or if you do not wish to allow the Anna Sova to use your photo, please DO NOT send it to us.

Photo Tips:

  • Photos must include Anna Sova product(s)
  • Photos must be in JPEG format (has a .jpg extension)
  • Please send photos that are at least 300 pixels in width, but no wider than 900 pixels
  • Photos must not be larger than 1MB in file size
  • Please provide a short title or caption for the submitted photo(s)
  • Do not submit a photo more than once
  • Submission of a photo does not guarantee that it will be used on

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Alias: If you provide an alias - it will be displayed with your gallery. If you do not provide an alias, your name will be displayed along side the gallery.
*Email: Your email address will remain private
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Please check this box if you wish to allow Anna Sova to list your company's name and a link to your website address (if applicable) with your gallery.
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* I understand there is no guarantee that my photo(s) will appear on the Anna Sova Luxury Organics website. I certify that I am the author or sole owner of the material I am submitting to I also understand that all photos received by us become the property of Anna Sova Luxury Organics, to be used at their discretion. Photos selected to be used by Anna Sova Luxury Organics are not eligible for royalty or any other remuneration.

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